Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been set up to provide help and information to Frantone customers and assist in solving the most common pedal problems.

What kind of power supply do I need to run my Frantone pedal without a battery?
        All new 9V battery powered Frantone pedals use a standard 2.1mmX5.5mm center negative plug. 
Pre-2001 models used a 3.5mm (1/8") tip positive phono plug. 
 You must use a good clean regulated DC supply with all other Frantone effects, providing from 8.5VDC to 10.5VDC at 100ma for best performance. 
The Glacier uses it's own 24VDC adapter with 2.5mmX5.5mm Center Positive Plug, and does not take a battery or require a regulated supply. 

My Frantone pedal is stuck in bypass mode even though the LED lights up!
    The battery is probably low and needs replacing.  Frantone effects use a unique active true bypass audio switching circuit that is designed to stay in bypass mode if the applied power is less than 7 volts.  The LED can light with as little as 3 volts supplied, so it may remain lit in this case.  The benefit of this circuit is that if your battery or power supply falls bellow operational levels while playing the audio chain is not interrupted.  There is nothing worse during a performance than stomping on a pedal and getting your signal muted!

What if I lose a screw... ?
        The screws we use to secure the back plate can be bought in any hardware store.  They are 1/2" #6-32 Phillips flat head machine screws.



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