Selectable Overdrive

Hang on while I fix you a tall one.....

Okay, so there are a lot of overdrives in the world, and as you know I am certainly accountable for some of them, but the Hi-Ball is simply the overdrive to end all other overdrives.  Originally designed for Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem as the ultimate performance overdrive, this one ended up being so good that I decided it would be the last Frantone overdrive I would ever offer in my product line, and as such it is the last overdrive that you will ever need.

What makes the Hi-Ball so special is that it is essentially three overdrives in one.  The Diode control allows you to dial in different diode sets which determines exactly how the pedal clips and sustains.   Choosing Si gives a very traditional and familiar overdrive sound using silicon diodes, heavy and biting, with a lot of grind.  Selecting Ge offers the soft warm clipping of germanium diodes for a completely different experience in overdrive distortion.  The LED setting is my own personal tone in which I use gallium arsenide phosphide light emitting diodes for a clean, transparent, and very loud overdrive with only the slightest clipping when you play really hard.  Suffice to say that the Hi-Ball covers all the bases, and with this unique selectable diode feature it is by far the most versatile overdrive pedal anywhere.

The tone contour of the Hi-Ball allows for warm to bright settings with an emphasis on clarity and crispness.  Finally, the Hi-Ball is powered by a set of ultra low noise rail-to-rail op amps, making this the quietest, clearest, and loudest 9 volt powered overdrive I have ever made. 

Is the Hi-Ball the best overdrive in the world?   You be the judge!

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Hi-Ball Overdrive is hand-made in
the USA by Frantone and features:



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