Optical Compressor

Super Size Me!
Don't reach for the Pepto just yet - you might want to sink your teeth right into the Sandwich's spicy 12:1 compression, but this sexy little dish serves up everything on the menu.  Take a taste of its light and savory settings, from just a hint of minty limiting for that refreshing crisp tone, or crank it up for deep fried five alarm sustain.

 Forget the clones - the Frantone Sandwich is a totally new concept in analog optical compression.  Its high performance is powered by a new optocoupler designed and manufactured by Frantone in the USA,  which controls an active attenuator circuit for ultra linear response and maximum sensitivity.  Supremely quiet with amazing fidelity, the volume levels remain constant as you increase compression with the Limit control.  Adjusting the Threshold lowers or raises the audible floor, so you get just the response you need.  With this control you can eliminate background noise or allow every nuance to shine through.  The Sandwich is the perfect choice for a very powerful compressor in a simple package.  As a bonus the panel mounted performance LED illustrates what you play and shows the compressor at work.  Watch it talk!

  Great for both bass and guitar alike.

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Sandwich Optical Compressor is hand-made in
the USA by Frantone and features:




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