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The most versatile, most expandable, most upgradable,
most adorable Arduino based microcontroller system around!

Just 20mm square (.78"). 


The CuteUino modular design concept:

The core Brain Module has a 16mhz clock, 'power' and 'L' LED's, installed reset resistor, and 0.1" spaced standard headers so it can be directly wired to your project with no soldering needed. 


The USB 2.0 Module is the interface which docks right onto the Brain Module for uploading your sketches.  It can also be used to provide power to the Brain Module or it can be detached after programming.  The Brain can be an independent and super small autonomous microcontroller without the USB 2.0 Module.  The USB 2.0 Module has a micro USB port, LED's for 'power', 'TX', and 'RX', and it easily interfaces with the Arduino software on your computer.


The CuteUino system at work:

The USB 2.0 Module docked onto the Brain Module


 Undocking.... a snap!


You can read more in my article about
Prototyping The CuteUino


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